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A postal carrier route is a group of addresses that receive the same USPS code to aid in efficient mail delivery. Essentially carrier routes are further breakdowns of zip codes. Within each zip code there are many carrier routes. Carrier routes are the routes that each postal carrier delivers to daily on their mail delivery route. Carrier routes, on average, have around 500 addresses in them. However, some have much less and some have more. Mailing by carrier route allows you to strategically choose the areas that you would like to target without having to mail to an entire zip code. The reason this is important is because the vast majority of the time there are addresses in other zip codes that are closer to your physical location than addresses in your own zip code.

The term is generally used to describe commercial saturation mail. The term “bulk mail” refers to specific minimum quantities of mail that are prepared as a specific class of mail at reduced postage. For instance, First-Class Mail requires a minimum of 500 pieces for each mailing. Standard mail requires 200 pieces or 50 pounds for each mailing. The term “bulk mail” is synonymous with business direct mail advertising.

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