Marketing Programs


People that are moving to a new area are ideal customers to target. This is typically a time in their life when they are spending money to help make the transition easier. This makes New Mover Postcards the perfect marketing tool for local restaurants, general contractors, phone service providers, landscapers, and other home and personal service providers. Banks and lending institutions often use New Mover Postcards to target first time home buyers with refinancing offers.


A mailing campaign to your customer list or a purchased list is the way to go! Maximizing your advertising efforts and being cost effective makes direct mail one of the most effective forms of advertising.

A campaign of mailing 3 or more times to a particular database is the suggested method.  Many clients use the same mailing piece to reduce printing costs.


Great homeowners are the foundation of every vacation rental management business, and each year, attracting them becomes more of a challenge. As OTAs increasingly offer many benefits of a property manager, the task of owner acquisition grows harder every year. 

A unique mailing campaign can be exactly what needs to be put in place.  Target your potential owners monthly and see your business grow.